Keeping It Real: The Truth About Bunions

Dr. Fox
Ira M. Fox, D.P.M.

A bunion is the bump on the inside of the big toe.  The complete picture is more complex.  The 1st metatarsal drifts inwards causing the big toe to drift towards the small toe.  There is an increasing space between the 1st and 2nd metatarsal (metatarsus primus varus).  The big toe can rotate (hallux valgus) .

A bunion deformity is a progressive problem.  The longer it exists, the more the great toe moves toward the second toe and the larger the bump becomes.  The earlier the onset, the worse the ultimate deformity. Continue reading

What Is Tendonitis?

Dr. DeMorat
By: Gene J. DeMorat, M.D.

First, we must answer the question – What is a tendon? A tendon is a rope-like structure that connects muscle to bone.  When a muscle contracts the tendon provides an attachment point to assist in movement.  Unfortunately, just like ropes we use to lift and pull objects in everyday life our tendons are susceptible to becoming frayed and damaged. Continue reading