I was so impressed by the treatment I received from Dr. DeMorat and his team!

I had a massive rotator cuff tear to my right shoulder. Yes, these things can happen when you fall while chasing your dog! The day of surgery I was so impressed by the treatment I received. As I was being prepared for the surgery several nurses and technicians came up to me and asked how I was doing, assuring me everything was going to be fine. Just prior to being taken into the operating room, Dr. DeMorat sat by my bedside and explained the entire procedure to me, letting me know what to expect. Everyone I spoke with had amazing bedside manor. After the

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Multiple recommendations from friends on Facebook to see Dr. Zabinski for knee pain!

I went on Facebook and asked for referrals for knee pain, Dr. Zabinski was referred to me 6 times. So I gave it a shot, I cannot tell you how pleased I was. I have had a problem with my left knee, having trouble walking since Dec. (5 months). I was lucky to get in within 2 days due to a cancellation. I could not believe I can bend my knee and feel almost normal in one day. I still have 3 more shots to go and therapy. I am also taking turmeric and 80 mg ibuprofen for swelling… I am exceptionally pleased!

Vonnie Clark

Dr. Zabinski de Shore Ortopédico

Submitted by: Zulys San Juan

Mi nombre es Helem Rivera he sido paciente de Atlantic City Novacare desde agosto del 2021. Fui operada de mi hombro derecho cuando vivía en California donde desafortunadamente la experiencia de la operación y terapias no fueron favorables. Cuando llegué a Atlantic City Novacare lo hice para continuar las terapias que estaba haciendo en California para la recuperación del hombro. Jim rápidamente se dio de cuenta que algo andaba mal con mi hombro y me refirió al Dr. Zabinski de Shore Ortopédico. Despues de una evaluación el Doctor recomendó una segunda operación, nos dijo que la

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