Physicians Join Forces to Form NJ’s Largest Orthopaedic Group

“All of us at ORTHO ALLIANCE NJ are keenly focused on providing the highest standard of orthopaedic care and improving the overall patient experience. What makes us different from other large group practices is that we meaningfully embrace the local community model and are committed to providing personalized patient care, “said ORTHO ALLIANCE NJ Chairman Dr. Jeffrey Bechler.  “These values are important to our group practice culture, as well as our clinical approach to practicing orthopaedic medicine.”

The physicians and providers of ORTHO ALLIANCE NJ will maintain their existing office location(s) and contact information. “This means patients will enjoy the same comfortable relationships with their very own physician and office staff at the same location they have always visited,” noted ORTHO ALLIANCE NJ Executive Director Jeanmarie Falco.

“But now, as part of ORTHO ALLIANCE NJ, our physicians will be able to share best practices for treating patients, as well as their research, knowledge and expertise with the other physician members of ORTHO ALLIANCE NJ. We strongly believe that this kind of collaboration will greatly benefit our patients and set the highest standards for superior patient outcomes and the practice of orthopaedic medicine here in New Jersey,” said Dr. Zabinski.

Dr. Zabinski added, “Worth noting, as an independent group practice, not affiliated with or owned by any healthcare system or hospital, ORTHO ALLIANCE NJ is uniquely positioned for growth based on our own vision forward as we remain committed to innovating how we deliver the highest standards of care to our patients, while offering the latest technology and most advanced treatments available.”

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