“I have a very good doctor that I can recommend! His name is Dr. George Alber.” Elaine Mack

Hand WristHe is amazing!!!  I highly recommend him, that is why I always go back to him. Also, the courtesy of the office staff is excellent.

Elaine Mack: Galloway, NJ 08205
Physician: George C. Alber, MD


Patient Review

Angie’s List | April 20, 2015
Orthopedics – Hand & Wrist

I have a very good doctor that I can recommend. His name is Dr. George Alber. I just went to see him a few days ago. I could hardly move my wrist; that is how bad it hurts. He really can do this Cortisone shots. A lot of them cannot so you get left with nothing. With him, you always know that he is going to hit the exact spot. The last time he did one was seven years ago and I have not had any pain since then. I did not have to take any medication either. He also gave me something for my wrist, one of those brace supports, and he even did an x-ray in his office.
He is very good. Rest assured when you go to him, he hits all bases that are important. I spoke with other people who had Cortisone shots and a lot of them say they would not get them because they do not help them. He has already done my thumb. I fell on my thumb. I was rushing into my office and there was a crack in the cement. I was wearing sandals and the sandal got caught in there. I fell and I landed on my thumb. It was so painful that I could not sleep at night. I went to him and he gave me that Cortisone shot. I could not believe the result. So, I highly recommend him. The courtesy of the office is excellent. With the appointments, you did not have to wait two weeks to get them. Then, you do not have a long wait. He takes you within fifteen minutes. He is the nicest person. He is amazing that is why I always go back to him. He certainly knows how to pick people working for him. He has excellent managers and there is always somebody to talk to.

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